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Isichitho Spells

Isichitho the curse break up spells

Isichitho the curse break up spells in their types are the main problems, evils, troubles and tribulations that relationships are faced with more especially in the African soil. It is not Africa only that is affected by the black magic curse spells such as Isichitho that causes many break ups and possibly divorces. In other places as well even in the first world countries they got their own type of their breakup curse spells in their own names depending on the belief systems pursued.

In case of any Isichitho and the curse break up spells I Khokhovula Gundabaloyi have responded by this website unless you know the signs of isichitho attacks you will hardily know what problem you suffer. Don’t fool yourself by wanting to convince yourself Isichitho is not there; It is there and is the main cause of the failing relationships and marriages in many parts of the world. May be you are one of those attacked; don’t hesitate consulting with Khokhovula Gundabaloyi for your help and advice.

Maybe your person did not just leave you; he/she is under curse break up spells and very much in need of your help. Maybe you are attacked and need cleansing as well.

With your problems of Isichitho talk to your great healer Khokhovula Gundabaloyi; or visit his other website


Khokhovula is a Spiritualist, a spirit medium, traditional healer, a fortune teller altogether. He is an Inyanga, a Sangoma and he is well versed with rituals of people of different ethnics. He was born of the small but spiritually centered Jahunda people and grew up in a broad and famous Nguni cultures and traditional beliefs. He is born in the midst of traditional healing, spirit medium ship and also witchcraft (Psychic attacks).

The families in his father and mother’s sides are filled with traditional healers, spirit mediums, the rain Queens, Witches and Wizards (Izinyanga, Izangoma, Izanusi, Abathandazi Nabathakathi. His father was known for the punishment of thieves, witch-hunt, lightining and rain rituals, casting of ghosts and any kind of evil spirits. He also was well-known for bringing ancestral spirits and families together, giving powers to other spiritualists such as Sangomas, Nyangas, Zanusis, Prophets, church Bishops, Pastors/Priests (Psychic readers, Fortune tellers, Clairvoyance, Spirit mediums, and the rain Queens).

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